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Clients Include
  • Finance executives are expensive

    The cost of hiring a finance executive can be a significant burden on an early-stage company. Coyocon provides the same invaluable experience and expertise that drives growth and improves decision-making at a fraction of the cost.

  • Avoiding excessive cash burn IS possible

    Effective cash management strategies can minimize burn and enhance margins. By leveraging financial data to identify wasteful operational expenses and opportunities for increased efficiency, companies can free up resources and improve their financial stability.

  • Unstructured and inconsistent data causes downstream chaos

    Ineffective data management can result in unreliable financial reports, misguided decision-making, and limited visibility into key performance metrics, impeding organizational growth. Implementing a sound, structured system is necessary for effectively analyzing and utilizing data to drive business performance and optimize operations.

  • Lack of organizational insight leads to poor decision-making

    Insufficient organizational insight can result in poor decision-making and ultimately, suboptimal performance. Access to accurate and current data is vital for navigating growth and establishing a strong market presence.

The Coyocon Way

In Depth Assessment of Financial Operations

Expert analysis of the business’s existing processes, systems, and data flows to identify information gaps, potential areas of improvement, and overall project scope.

Data Architecting and Streamlining

Restructure company data pipeline to seamlessly feed into an intuitive and enhanced data architecture.

Modeling and Analytics

Leverage newly redesigned data pipeline to create an effortlessly customizable three-statement financial model specifically tailored to even the most demanding company requirements.

Strategic Consulting

Work with management to establish dashboards with key performance metrics that founders care about. Track these metrics to drive informed, strategic decision-making that can be continuously iterated on over time.

Systems Optimization and Automation

Optimize financial systems and business operations to enhance visibility into actionable metrics for stakeholders. Implement/integrate software tools and automate data flows to shave time off of the reporting cycle.

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